Facebook and Twitter Ads

The paid advertising world is abuzz with IBM’s recent Black Friday report, which showed a decrease of referral traffic resulting in sales from social sites. In 2012 there was 35% less traffic from social media than there was in 2011.

According to the report, referral traffic from Twitter resulted in 0% of Black Friday sales. However, customers expressed positive sentiment on social media regarding specific brands, sales, and specials.

The results of this study created a flurry of cynicism about social media paid ads, especially after brands like GM publicly proclaimed their dislike of Facebook ads back in May (GM and Facebook have since rekindled their relationship).

However, last month Twitter released a report that correlates exposure to paid ads on Twitter with increased spending by Twitter users.

As social media use grows, with both organizations and individuals, investors and brands continue to question its value for advertisers. A good PPC management company can help you decide which social media platform is best for your organization’s needs. Contact us to find out more about how we can customize your paid social media campaign.