Changes to AdwordsHeads up! AdWords is ch-ch-ch changing as it relates to Mobile PPC, but hey, this is a good thing!

This week, Google announced changes to their AdWords, allowing businesses to have more effective campaigns regardless of of time or place (which device) the consumer views them on. This will be called “Enhanced Campaigns” and changes will be happening to three categories: bidding, creative, and measurement.

According to Google, these will be rolled out to users over the next few weeks, but will not be shared with all AdWords campaigns until mid-2013.

These changes are coming as a result of users constantly having access to search functionality in one fashion or another, on their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The great thing about this is that it will allow businesses to really hone in on the users’ search functionality.

RestaurantsRestaurants, for example, will be able to cater their bids to a user on a smartphone that is nearby for a food special, designing campaigns that are highly targeted for mobile geo-location and time of day.

In addition to the enhanced functionality, AdWords will be stepping up their game as far as reporting goes. The plan is to give advertisers the ability to change their campaign “on the fly” as well as show them a more detailed explanation in regard to track calls and downloads.

These new measurements will be grouped with conversions for the time being. Later down the road, AdWords is planning on releasing a step further for the user searching on one device and converting on another.

That is what’s happening this week in Google; we’re excited to see what comes next and share it with you!