Friday, June 7th is the date that movie goers of all ages have been anticipating for months: the premiere of The Internship, Hollywood’s take on working for one of the world’s biggest and most successful companies.  It stars two middle-aged men (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) and their attempt at nailing the job that will change their lives. The comedy has been on the mind of millions for so long, not only because of the high expectation of laughter from this dynamic duo, but finally the peek inside to such a secretive company.

In CNN’s article, “Why Google Loves ‘The Internship,’” written by Heather Kelly, mentions how co-founder Larry Page believes the movie will assist in Google’s “computer science’s marketing problem.” Google is known for being cautious of what they release to the world, so opening the doors of their famously beautiful and definitely change-of-pace corporation in Mountain View, California, shocked many. “Google allowed the film’s cast and crew to shoot for five days at the Googleplex headquarters, using 100 real Google employees as extras.” They also provided awareness on what it is really like to be a part of the Google team, bringing Shawn Levy, the director, and his actors up to speed on the correct ways to present a day in the life of a Google employee.

Google did not pay to be in the spotlight, but they did collaborate with filmmakers to be displayed in an accurate and gratifying way. The film contains scenes of employees working on treadmills, using volleyball and other outdoor activity as a stress outlet, and enjoying the “delicious free food” that Google offers daily. One of Google’s newest gadgets is the self-driving automobile which is seen a couple times throughout the two-hour movie. Although, to many critics’ dismay, the ‘Google Glass’ has not been displayed; it is still in the process of being tested.

The movie’s plot focuses around the summer internship program  that Google offers to 1,500 students every June which receives over 40,000 applicants. A Google Spokesperson was quoted explaining that one of their biggest hopes for this film is the spark of interest in students on computers and technology for future generations.

‘The Internship’ does stray from “Google reality” for comedic purposes, but does not demonstrate the company in a negative way, even though there is not much pessimism to dig up even if they tried. Raymond Braun was once an intern and now holds a full time position with Google and said that, “It couldn’t have been more opposite than my own experience” when discussing the competitive mindset the interns portray on screen. His experience was much calmer, but with Vaughn and Wilson on your team, how could anything be close to peaceful?

‘The Internship’ Movie Trailer 2013 is one to check out if you haven’t already. The film will not only leave you with a great night of laughs, but also a glimpse into the wonderful world of Google.