Site Speed and Mobile Responsiveness

The quest to rank well in search results never ends. The goalposts are constantly moving; where once good rankings were all about the use of keywords and phrases, these days that’s hardly enough. There’s always something new to pursue. Now, it’s all about mobile optimization and website speed.


Why Is Mobile Responsiveness So Essential?

One word: Google. With its “mobilegeddon” algorithm update in 2015, mobile-optimized websites — those that function just as well on mobile as on desktop computers — are heavily favored in search results for all searches made on mobile devices. More people access the web on mobile than they do on desktop computers, which means it’s now vital to your site’s success for it to be mobile-optimized.

Optimizing your website for mobile devices is no longer an optional extra. It can now give you a significant competitive advantage. Why? Simply because few organizations are truly invested in mobile optimization. Most simply use a limited version of their desktop site. This often means an incredibly frustrating user experience — and this is precisely why Google introduced its mobile update in the first place.

So, mobile optimization is important for two reasons: it improves the user experience, and it gives a website a competitive advantage in search results.


Website Speed Is Important Too

Website speed is an important part of optimization, but it’s also a crucial factor in itself. For instance, mobile users are five times more likely to leave a site if it’s not optimized for mobile. However, if a site takes more than three seconds to load, more than half of mobile users will leave the site and look elsewhere for what they want. Whatever the function of your website, if it’s slow to load, you’re losing potential customers right from the start of the user experience.


How Fast Is Your Website?

Most mobile websites don’t measure up. Does yours? Find out with Google’s site speed test. Just enter your website URL to find out how fast your site is when accessed from a standard 3G mobile connection. You’ll receive a report that breaks down the factors that contribute to the speed of your site, and how it can be improved.


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