Picking a PPC Agency: What to Look for & FAQs

For companies that are using digital marketing today, one of the most important strategies to focus on is Pay Per Click Advertising, or PPC. In PPC, companies pay to place ads on search engines like Google or Bing, then only pay for those ads when an internet user actually clicks on them. PPC ads are important because they work; Google found that businesses make an average of two dollars for every one dollar they spend using PPC ads.
One way to get PPC ads right is by using a PPC agency. PPC agencies are experienced companies that can help a company manage and keep up with their PPC campaigns, ensuring that they reach their desired results and that the company has more time to focus on running and growing their business.
Here are some important factors to keep in mind for a company that wants to find the right PPC agency to work with.


Does the Agency Have Google Premier Partner Status?

The best PPC agencies have Google Premier Partner Status. This means that they are experienced and connected; they have direct access to Google Representative and the staff has received in-person training and Google certifications. Google Premier Partners also get access to AdWords Betas that haven’t been fully released to the public.

Has the Agency Been Around for a Long Time?

The best PPC agencies have been managing PPC campaigns for a while, and they have experience managing a wide range of successful campaigns. For example — New Jupiter Media is one of the first Google AdWords agencies in the U.S., and they have been doing AdWords since 2005, which means they have more than a decade of experience helping companies with their PPC campaigns.

Does the Agency Work in the Right Niche?

When choosing a PPC agency, companies should pick an organization that specializes in their niche and try to avoid jack-of-all-trades shops. Very rarely do all-encompassing agencies do all tasks well, so choose one that focuses on just the right tasks.

Do Companies Have Access to All Their Assets?

Companies should choose a PPC agency that gives them access to all their assets — even if they choose to leave the agency. New Jupiter will always operate as a third-party agency on a company’s behalf, and they will always have access to their assets and have 100 percent transparency, regardless of whether they continue working with the agency or not.