Today, as part of the expansion of the Bing Partner Program, Microsoft named New Jupiter Media as one of a group of key partners to act as trusted advisors to their growing customer base for search advertising opportunities with the Bing Network.

As a Select Partner to Bing Ads, the world’s number two search advertising provider, New Jupiter Media will continue to enhance the expertise and service provided to clients through exclusive access to training, marketing and technology development.

New Jupiter Media has offered expert pay-per-click (PPC) services to companies nationwide since 2005. Search advertising, which today makes up 52% of all digital advertising spend, is a core area of investment for our clients.

“The audience on Bing Ads is much different than other PPC platforms, making it incredibly useful for expanding our clients’ digital marketing efforts and growing their return on investment,” CEO & Founder of New Jupiter Media, Todd Rodenborn, said. “From launching Bing Ads campaigns for an ecommerce client, they saw an additional $20,000 in revenue month-over-month. That’s nearly a quarter-million dollars in sales over the course of one year.”

New Jupiter Media has successfully been offering choice and increased levels of ROI to its search advertising clients thanks to its partnership with Bing. With customer adoption of Bing Ads increasing 24% year-over-year in FY16 and 60% during the last 3 months compared to the same period in FY15, our ongoing partnership will clearly bring increased business opportunity for both our clients and our business.

New Jupiter Media looks forward to expanding its search advertising offering with Bing Ads as it continues to grow globally, with nearly one third PC search market share in the US, over 20% in the UK and over 10% in 5 additional markets.

Client in both high-volume lead-generation and ecommerce industries witnessed significant increases in ROI and CPC for campaigns managed by New Jupiter Media on Bing, and we look forward to continuing to grow and extend this kind of opportunity to all our clients.

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