Only about 3% of people who click on your Google ad will buy your product or sign up for your services right off the bat.

That means a whopping 97% of website visitors who find your business via an ad on Google won’t buy from you the first time around.

Since Google is a pay-per-click based ad platform, that means you’re still paying for 100% of those visitors! That’s a lot of wasted money, wouldn’t you say?

You could settle for the revenue you get off the 3% of first time buyers and forget about the other hundreds or thousands of potential customers who were looking for what your business had to offer – but we know you’re a smarter business owner than that.

So how exactly can you capture the attention of the other 97% of people who visited your website?

Lucky for you, there’s another digital marketing platform out there that’s second only to Google in terms of its number of users and advertisers. To boot, it’s where almost all of your website visitors spend a good portion of their free time.

Enter: Facebook.


Why Should I Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is now one of the top two digital marketing platforms, right behind Google, with more than 1 billion people using the platform every single day.

When people access Facebook and then continue to browse the web, use apps on their smartphones, or even step foot into a store – Facebook can track those touchpoints.

So, what does that mean for your business? You now have access to a large portion of those 97% of website visitors who weren’t ready to buy on their first visit to your website.

If you could get in front of these users again, wouldn’t you?

Enter: Retargeting.


Tell Me More About Retargeting

When was the last time you were shopping for something online, only to see an ad for that exact product a few hours or days later?

That’s called retargeting: the process of buying ad space that promotes your offer to people who made it to your website, but weren’t quite ready to purchase at the time of their visit.

It’s extremely powerful and effective, but is quickly being eclipsed by ad blocking software. About 30% of Americans now use ad blockers for the sole purpose of avoiding these ads.

The good news is that Facebook ads aren’t affected by ad blockers, and the social platform continues to expand its advertising placement options.

You’re not just limited to the Facebook News Feed anymore. Now you can also place ads on Instagram, Instagram Stories, Messenger, in-stream videos, and a variety of websites and apps included in Facebook’s Instant Articles and Audience Network.

You’ve already done the hard part of attracting interested buyers to your website. Now you can leverage all that hard work (and AdWords spend!) by getting in front of those buyers again when they’re browsing social media on their downtime.

It’s time to bring these buyers back and close their sales… are you ready?

Enter: Your Formula for Digital Marketing Success


Your Formula for Digital Marketing Success: Google AdWords + Facebook Ads = Your Greatest ROI

Before we dive into your formula for business success, it’s worth pointing out why Google ads are so powerful and essential to this formula.

Google ads are unique in that they offer hyper-focused website traffic. After all, they allow users to search for goods or services they need and find them in a matter of moments. This is called intent-based advertising.

Intent-based advertising is great for business owners because they know that the people coming to their websites are already interested in what they have to offer.

In contrast, Facebook is more of a discovery-based advertising platform, where users discover your goods or services without actively seeking them out first.

But there’s a great and cost-effective way you can get around the discovery-based advertising hurdle and get sales from Facebook: Get your social media ads in front of the same people who visited your website from your Google ads.

In sum, Google AdWords + Facebook Ads = Your Greatest ROI

Just like that, you can leverage the money you’ve spent on Google AdWords using the most widely-used social network on the planet. So, how can you get started?

Enter: New Jupiter Media


This All Sounds Great – How Do I Get Started?

At New Jupiter Media, our digital marketing experts specialize in advertising across a variety of digital platforms including Google AdWords and Facebook. Contact us today to see how we can help you leverage the money you’re already spending on AdWords and get started advertising on Facebook. We look forward to helping your business grow!