Google AdWords Geo-Targeting Settings: How to Stop Losing Money

Geo Targeting with AdWordsAdWords can seem like the “do-it-to-me” answer to on-line advertising–just sign up, pay, and let the reaping begin. But anybody who has actually bellied up to that table knows that AdWords campaigns require planning, foresight and finesse.

One of the ways we tweak AdWords campaigns is through Geo Targeting. If you offer shoeshines in Jersey, you won’t much like spending money for clicks in Ohio, much less California. Very few people are going to be looking for a shoe-shiner in New Jersey from their computer in California.

But if you deliver flowers, people might very well be looking for you from Australia to deliver flowers to their chum in Trenton. Now that I think of it, flower delivery is probably one of those unique industries where people who won’t get to enjoy your product need to purchase it from afar. I’ll bet there are only a handful of those.

GeoTargeting and the testing of your geo-targeted campaigns is one simple and critically important tweak you can make to help your Adwords stop losing money.

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Questions to Expect from your NEW PPC Manager

(aka Marketing 101: Who, What, Why, How Many, How Much?)

Whether you’re initiating yourself into the world of web advertising or actually hiring someone to do it for you or your business, these are great questions to ask.

  • What are Your Goals for PPC?
  • What are Your Key Products and Services?
  • Who is Your Primary Target Audience?
  • Are There any Specific Offers You’d Like to Promote?
  • What is Your Desired Cost per Conversion?
  • What Conversions are you Measuring, and How are You Measuring Them?
  • How often do we meet to reassess?

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How to Ensure You Have a Very Merry AdWords Christmas Season

Christmas is a big time for retailers. It pays to advertise during this time, but some extra finesse is needed to get your word out through the cacophony of businesses targeting those same Christmas budgets. Making sure your campaign budget caps are set correctly, increasing your bids for good keywords, offering specials and specifying delivery times will help capture those who actually want to buy, not just browse.

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