Could my business benefit from call tracking?

Whether you own a franchise business, a corporation, or local shop, call tracking allows transparency in identifying customers who are calling your business from online sources. Depending on the scope of your business needs, you can select third-party call tracking systems or within the advertising platform itself. To put it simply: starting your campaign with Google and Bing, and retargeting on social media are the first steps towards building your online presence.

Call tracking is the key to analyzing which efforts are worthwhile.


What are the benefits of call tracking?

Google Adwords call tracking is a great place to start! It allows you to track calls these ways:

▪ From ads on Google

▪  From your desktop website

▪ Your mobile website      

In addition to Google’s application, other third party call tracking systems exist with additional features such as:

▪ Call recording

▪ Call tracking from organic search, social sites, and other platforms

▪ Caller’s name and number

▪ Personalized dashboard login


What are the drawbacks of call tracking?

In order to track individual callers, both Google and 3rd party call tracking solutions will require a dynamic forwarding number to “mask” the company phone number on the website. While some companies may have concerns with phone number branding, many online consumers rarely ever save phone numbers after dialing the number on the website.

The biggest drawback we hear is having to spend more money to make money with some third-party applications. Some call tracking features (like recording calls) come at an added cost. To that point, we refute the cost is literal pennies! Enabling call tracking puts in plain text which keywords, ads, ag groups and campaigns are making you the most money!  At approximately $0.05 per minute, the ROI for this feature sells itself.


How does New Jupiter Media use call tracking to turn clicks into conversions?

New Jupiter Media works with several call tracking companies to assure we are gathering the data necessary to produce quality leads for your company. After reviewing your business and assessing the most beneficial call tracking application and features, we can analyze the timing, quality and quantity of calls received and optimize a presence on platforms across the web to maximize effectivity. This process may seem time-consuming and overwhelming to a swamped business owner, but the easy to understand monthly report your account manager sends will lay out all the data and provide realistic projections so that you have one less task on your plate.