YouTube AdWordsYouTube recently announced that it gets more than one billion unique visitors to the site every month. Considering that the company was created in 2005, this is quite the feat, but relatively common for Google. Google hit this same mark in June of 2011, after being around for seven years (1998). Congratulations YouTube!

Since Google owns YouTube, we all knew it was a matter of time until paid ads became integrated within the videos. We’ve seen these ads evolve over the years from both a user perspective as well as from the advertiser standpoint. The integration has actually become pretty seamless; users are now expecting ads throughout their video experience and beyond that, are engaging with them.

With the announcement of Google’s enhanced campaigns for AdWords, we have learned that we can reach our target audience even closer with geographics, timing and different bids. The next step is most likely going to change how advertisers will be reaching consumers through the videos. The question is from what respect? What do you think the next step will be for this? We think it will be a very interesting announcement and very exciting on all levels.