Yesterday December 10th, Google released a fully-revamped version of AdWords Editor. Announced during one of Google’s many webinars by AdWords Vice President, Jerry Dischler.

You may be asking yourself, what sets the new version apart from the AdWords Editor of old… First off, AdWords Editor’s Project Manager Geoff Menegay, stated that the new version “Represents the biggest update to the application since we released it in 2006”. If that is not enough to get you excited, the new Verison 11 will not only allow the user to open multiple windows at once, but it allows for better Search, Type Lists, Bulk Editing and a Shared Library. Mind blown yet?

My personal favorite feature is the Bulk Editing and Shared Library. As we all know, changing keywords from campaign to campaign can be quite the tedious task. The new Bulk Editing feature will allow users to paste multiple ads or keywords across multiple campaigns and ad groups all at once.
Another nifty little feature Google has given us, is the ability to open up multiple windows at once. Usually most users have to click between campaign tabs and sort through different accounts. This will no longer be the case. Users will now be able to open up multiple windows at the same time allowing for copy and paste or drag-and-drop.

AdWords Editor Version 11 is now available for download worldwide.