Waze is the new craze attracting a lot of attention from not only individual customers, but huge companies like Google as well. It is an app on your mobile device to make driving a little more pleasurable and a lot less hectic for anything from the common commute to work, to a quick trip to the grocery store, or a family excursion to someplace new. By simply opening this hands-free app while driving, you’re instantly connected to the community, being constantly updated on whether there is a new route you can proceed to take to avoid traffic or accidents. Waze can inform you when you are approaching the police or an accident, and takes into account the types of routes you enjoy choosing for your daily commute while catering to your preferences. You’re never alone on the road when you use Waze, it allows you to connect with Facebook for a live status of your friends traveling, grants the ability to arrange pick-ups, and even alerts you when your friends meet up/arrive at a certain event or destination. The bigger you make your community, the more you can spread the word about real time traffic and road alerts to save one another gas money, and time.

Google’s Latest Purchase

Google’s most recent purchase cost them an estimated $1.1 Billion dollars, but I’m sure their wallet isn’t hurting too badly. For months, both Apple and Facebook have been circling Waze, the Israeli company that is quickly escalating in popularity, but Google has snatched it away from both of them earlier this week. Google had to have been a bit nervous about Waze becoming the first option for customers even before their own Google Maps because of their breakthrough of connecting navigation skills and communication between friends. Waze considers them the “wisdom of crowds” that “meets digital maps.” By being defensive, Google kept this treasure away from Apple and Facebook, reassuring them that it wouldn’t dominate over Google Maps.

Attention Local Business Owners

By getting your local business on Google, you broaden your horizons so much more. Maybe you’re thinking that your small business wouldn’t attract anything new for you; you’re a ‘Mom-and-Pop’ corporation with the same customers for years on years now. However, with such stable company, and loyal, returning customers, we bet they have a bunch of wonderful things to say about what you have to offer to the community. By advertising on Google, new customers that can be literally standing around the corner from your shop can instantly find you within a few seconds on their phone. You can update your information with hours of operation, sales, and even product listing. By connecting with your faithful fans and friends online, your business will only attract even more wanted attention and make it easy for potential customers to find you!

How your ads are matched with exact geographical locations 

Many things are taken into consideration when matching your ads to your customers, like physical location of the person doing the searching, search terms used, and the domain being used at the time. High end mobile devices are most prominently popular now in 2013, especially on-the-go, people of all ages want quick answers from the palm of their hands. With full internet browsers, they are able to do so.

Device Location:  If “My Location” on their smart phones is enabled, Google is able to retrieve precise details about the searchers exact location. Also, by using Wi-Fi, GPS Signals, and Google cell ID numbers, it is easy to decide what the best ads to show the customers are. Along with device location, Google can use physical location, Google search history, and location of interest to bring the customers searching for what you’re offering efficiently and quickly. Furthermore, we can also exclude those who are too far from your business and focus on aggressively advertising to probable buyers.

Waze introduces the new way to travel, bringing its users a hassle free type of communication amongst friends hoping to make everyone’s lives a bit easier day-by-day. When advertising your local business on Google with New Jupiter Media, we can accomplish the same outcome: Positively informing the community and assisting them in reaching their desired destination or purchase! As said by Waze, “when drivers [and advertisers] work together, the road ahead gets a little brighter.”