Google Shopping & Product Listing Ads

Google Shopping gives eCommerce organizations a utility to advertise products at an item level. Prior to 2012 Google offered Google Shopping as a free service, and offered a paid shopping service called Google Product Listing Ads (PLA). In 2012 Google eliminated the free Google Shopping platform altogether and replaced it with Product Listing Ads (PLA).

Product Listing Ads Google Search

With the change of Google Shopping from a free to a paid Google Product Listing Ads program, eCommerce organizations are looking to expand their visibility with a developed strategy that meets organization goals such as Cost-per-Acquisition, Return On Advertise Spent (ROAS), or Return on Investment (ROI).

Google makes it simple to create a Google Merchant Center feed, and when Google Shopping was free organizations would elect to use a “set it and forget it” method. With the switch to the paid platform this has become a costly method for organizations that they can’t afford. With Product Listing Ads there are no robust set of keywords to manage – only a data feed and bids. For a Google Shopping campaign to be successful the data feed has to be set up in a way that allows you to have a granular bidding strategy in AdWords.

New Jupiter Media has Google Merchant Center feed specialists on staff that conduct a free analysis of your company’s data feed and will offer a recommended strategy that fits your business model and budget. For organizations looking to get into Product Listing Ads for the first time, New Jupiter Media will assist you in developing a data feed that will deliver relevant traffic and, more importantly, sales.