Campaign Management

Pay-Per-Click Management

One of our New Jupiter Media professionals will be assigned to monitor and manage your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. This individual will work with you to make sure all your needs and concerns are met and that the campaigns themselves continue to perform well, both in terms of absolute traffic, but more importantly in terms of the success of the campaigns (measured by the # of leads / sales achieved) and total cost of the effort. Roughly speaking, there are three phases to the life-cycle of a New Jupiter Media campaign:

  • Phase I (1st Day or Two) – Data Collection, Campaign Design & Strategy, and Creation of the initial Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising campaigns
  • Phase II (Next 90 Days) – Expansion beyond the core search engines
  • Phase III (Thereafter) – General Maintenance, Continued Split-Testing, and Market Surveillance

Pay Per Click Management Phase I

Phase I (1st 90 Days) – Data Collection, Creation of the Knowledge Base, and Optimization of the Initial AdWords/Microsoft Campaigns

  • Data Collection – Detailed campaign information is being captured by Google and Microsoft code we’ve worked with you to place on your website. In addition, in certain circumstances we use additional tracking mechanisms and databases stored on your web server.
  • Creation of the Knowledge Base – Over time, the data collected becomes knowledge. Sophisticated tools built by New Jupiter Media will tell us which keywords are converting and if particular advertisements or landing pages are more effective than others. Do certain keywords convert, but then generate a high rate of refund requests or charge backs? Should we bid more for a given keyword and less for others? Your New Jupiter Media professional will be able to modify your campaigns accordingly.
  • Campaign Optimization – Techniques include:- Additions and/or Deletions to the keyword list
    – Increases or Decreases in the Maximum Cost-Per-Click (CPC) by keyword
    – Split-Testing of Ad Copy to increase the Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
    – Split-Testing of Landing Pages and Content to increase the Conversion Rate
    – New Jupiter Media strategies to capitalize to increase the AdWords & Microsoft Advertising quality scores.

Pay Per Click Management Phase II

Phase II (Next 90 Days) – Expansion Beyond the Initial AdWords/Microsoft Campaigns.
Google AdWords in particular is wonderful “sandbox” in which to perfect any online marketing campaign.  Once the AdWords campaigns are working well, assuming your business model can handle more business, it’s time to expand your campaigns to other channels/partners.  This list of channels / partners is continually changing as new ones become dominant and then often fade.

Pay Per Click Management Phase III

Phase III (Thereafter) – General Maintenance, Continued Split-Testing, and Market Surveillance.
On a weekly basis we’ll perform routine maintenance on all of your active campaigns running with all vendors. Key tasks include:

  • Continued Ad Copy and Landing Page Split-Testing
  • Market Surveillance (analysis of the competition for your keywords)
  • Adjustments to Maximum CPC settings for each keyword
  • Keyword optimization, additions, and deletions
  • Continued “Quality Score” optimization for Google AdWords & Microsoft Advertising

We are a Google AdWords Certified Partner and a Bing Ads Preferred Company.

Located in central New Jersey, near Google’s East Coast Headquarters in Manhattan, we frequently meet with Google AdWords executives and our dedicated Google support team.

Please Contact Us today for your free evaluation or call to speak with one of our Pay-Per-Click Account Managers.  We always answer the phone during business hours.