Site Speed and Mobile Responsiveness

Site Speed and Mobile Responsiveness The quest to rank well in search results never ends. The goalposts are constantly moving; where once good rankings were all about the use of keywords and phrases, these days that’s hardly enough. There’s always something new … Continue reading

Microsoft-LinkedIn Acquisition: 3 Predictions on How It Will Change Bing Ads

Last month, Microsoft announced it was purchasing LinkedIn for $26 billion. On its face, the acquisition might seem puzzling. Why would Microsoft want to buy a social network like LinkedIn? Well, it’s not the first time the company tried to get … Continue reading

Separate Bids Coming for Tablets and Mobile Devices in AdWords

Last month, Google held its annual Performance Summit in San Francisco and announced several important AdWords updates. One of the most notable changes is the ability for marketers to adjust bids by device type. Previously, marketers could only specify bids for … Continue reading