Should I Use or for My Site?

Virtually anyone doing research on getting a website built is bound to come across WordPress. WordPress, as many know, is the world’s most widely used website content management system (CMS). However, many may not know the difference between and – or … Continue reading

Relationships 101: How to Love Your Marketing Company & Make Them Love You

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the staff here at New Jupiter Media have been doing a lot of thinking about relationships: client relationships, that is. As our client base continues to grow, we find ourselves interacting with more … Continue reading

New Jupiter Media Takes You on a Digital Marketing Date

Here at New Jupiter Media, we’re a bunch of number-crunching, data-analyzing, Excel spreadsheet enthusiasts. We optimize each of our client’s campaigns by finding meaning in each click and conversion, piecing together the patterns found within the user behavior we are … Continue reading

#SMX East 2015 Roundup

Missed this year’s SMX East? We’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up some of the best articles, slides, and videos of SMX East presentations that were published following the conference. We’ve also included some of our favorite Tweets, complete with … Continue reading